CNBM supply quality refractory bricks, which can be used in iron and steel,cement,glass,nonferrous metals,ceramic,


CNBM have strictly quality control Procedures.Every refractory product by CNBM is of superior quality.CNBM utilizes proprietary testing methods, testing for chemical content, density, apparent porosity, cold crush strength and modulus of rapture. With stringent quality control, you can count on CNBM products to exceed refractory industry standards 
and your expectations. 
We offer a wide range of refractoroties bricks, to cater to a range of domestic and commercial applications.


Fireclay Bricks:Burned high-alumina 38% to 42%       
High Alumina Bricks:Burned high-alumina 48% to 90% and Phosphate-bonded high-alumina   

Magnesite Series Bricks:Burned magnesite,Burned fused magnesite-chrome,Direct-bonded magnesite-chrome,

Magnesite-spinel,Magnesite-carbon and Alumina-magnesite-graphite
Insulating Fire Bricks:GJM23,26,28,30,32,B5,B7,C1,High alumina insulating bricks    

SiC Series Bricks:Silicon nitride bonded SIC               

Silica Bricks:Silica bricks in glass,hot blast furnace,coke oven
Zircon Series Brick           
Mullite Brick  


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