Fused-cast Rebonded Mangesia Chrome Brick


General Information
CMAX semi-rebonded and rebonded magnesite-chrome bricks are made partially or fully of synthetic fused clinkers. They are shaped under high pressure and sintered at very high temperature.
Good high-temperature performance
High thermal shock resistance
Strong slag resistance
High mechanical strength

Silicone Carbon Brick


General Information

The silicon nitride bonded silicon carbide brick prepared using high-grade silicon carbide and industrial silicon powder as starting materials adopting technologies of vibration pressing moulding and step high pressure nitridation sintering is characterized by good corrosion resistance to cryolite, good oxidation resistance, high hot strength, good thermal conductivity and long service life.

Good cryolite resistance
Excellent oxidation resistance
High thermal conductivity
Better abrasion resistance


Fire Clay Brick


General Information
CMAX fireclay bricks are made from clinker clay. The alumina content ranges from 36% to 48%.

Low thermal conductivity       
High refractoriness  
High mechanical strength      
Excellent thermal shock resistance

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