Guide Line for Installation of Refractory Materials in Rotary Kiln

1) Preparation

Check the conjunct joint and weldable joint.

Keep the inside surface of rotary kiln neat and dry, exclude the sand blast.

Keep the stop brick ring in the vertical position with the kiln axe.

2) Lining installation

Whether close any installation measure, make sure the bricks cling to the shell surface tightly. Now, it is universal of ring-installation that is intersecting at the kiln center by radial installation.

Draw the basic line matching the axes line of brick on the steel plate, then install the bricks strictly.

The mortar should be coated equably on the bricks, control the joint between bricks within 1-1.5mm.

3) Locking-brick

Locking-brick must be installed in distance. The steel plates can be used to fulfill the joint, which are distributed averagely in locking-bricks ring.

4) The transition of the new and old refractory bricks

Combine the surface of the new and old bricks tightly. The machining bricks (length no less than80mm) may be used fir transition steadily in the installation.


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