With the experience in Iron and Steel industries,CNBM provides the a series of refactory Products for Blast Furnace,Hot Blast Furnace,Ladle,Converter,Coke Oven,VOD,AOD and LF,VOD,EAF,Induction Furnace,Hear Treatment Furnace,etc.For our customers in the iron and steel industry, we focus our efforts on the following concerns:

Monolithic Refractory:High Alumina Castable,Corundum-Mullite Mortar,Insulating Castable,Fire Clay Mortar,Magnesia Ramming

Shaped Refractory:Fire Clay Bricks,High Alumina Bricks,Mullite Bricks,Corundum Bricks,Corundum-Mullite Bricks,Magnesia Bricks,Magnesia Carbon Bricks,Silica Bricks,Insulating Fire Bricks

Insulation Refractory:Ceramic Fiber Tap-Out Cone,Ceramic Fiber Rope,Ceramic Fiber Board,Calcium Silicate Board

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