With the experience in Nonferrous Metals,CNBM provides the a series of refactory Products for Alumina,Copper,Zinc,Lead,

Nickel,etc.The quality refractory materials are be used in Electric Tank,Rotary Kiln,Slag Cleaning Furnace,Anode Furnace,Flash Furnace,etc.

Monolithic Refractory:Magnesia Chrome Castable,High Alumina Castable,Magnesia Chrome Ramming,Castble Reinforced with Steel Fiber
Shaped Refractory:Silicon Carbon brick,Fused-Rebonded Magnesia Chrome Brick,Fireclay Brick,High Alumina Brick,Insulating Fire Brick
Insulation Refractory:Ceramic Fiber Tap-Out Cone,Ceramic Fiber Rope,Ceramic Fiber Board,Calcium Silicate Board

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