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CNBM is capable of providing a comprehensive range of refractory products in the glass industry for the application of container glass tank for coloured and flint glass, fiber glass tank. Float glass tank, tin bath bottom etc. we focus our efforts on the following concerns:

Shaped Refractories: Fused Cast Brick, Silica Brick, Zircon Brick, Silimanite and Mullite Brick, Low Porosity Fireclay Brick, Magnesia Brick, Corundum Brick, Corundum-Mullite Brick, etc.

Monolithic Refractories: Ziron, AZS, Zircon-Mullite, Silica, Orundum, Mullite, Fireclay, Light Weight Fireclay Castable, and Zircon-Mullite Ramming, Silica Hot Repairing Mix, and Mullite, Fireclay, Magnesia, Zirconia, and Zircon-mullite Mortar.

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