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As one of producers of high temperature insulating products, CNBM understands the firing conditions of ceramic products and the lining requirements placed upon our materials. Up to now, thousands of kilns firing ceramic products from tiles to tableware or from sanitary ware to fine bone Chinaware have been lined with our range of insulating products.


Shaped Refractory: Ceramic Fiber Blanket, Ceramic Fiber Bulk, Ceramic Fiber Module, Ceramic Fiber Board, Ceramic Fiber Paper, Ceramic Fiber Textiles, GJM23 Brick, GJM26 Brick, GJM28 Brick, GJM 30 Brick, GJM 32 Brick

Unshaped Refractory: Insulation Fire Mortar, Lightweight Castable, Plastic Castable of Refractory Fiber


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